Let’s Bring Fun Into Wellness! 

Are you an employer looking to improve

the well-being of your staff?


Are you looking for a speaker to

inspire your audience to move,

increase their productivity and energy? 


Perhaps your looking for a new approach to kickstart their wellness that will boost their performance, morale and bring joy into their lives.

What if I told you that the missing ingredient is pure fun with dance!

Say what? Dance?

Yep! Dance is a powerful way to distress, shift your mood and increase your energy immediately.

Not to mention that it does wonders for your mental health!

This is why I use dancing in my keynote presentations, workshops and trainings. It inspires audiences to get out of their comfort zone, move, let go and have good old fashion FUN.

Fun is a critical part of wellness and often overlooked. This could be the reason why your staff is either bored or unmotivated to maintain their morale and productivity performance.

They need to get up and move.


Move Into Wellness Program
Move Into Wellness is a virtual fun interactive experience created to improve the health, well being, workplace cohesion and morale of your staff with uplifting movement activities and other wellness practices including:
• Dance
• Affirmations
• Journaling
• Visualization
• Meditation
• Emotional Freedom Technique
Move into Wellness helps you release stress, anxiety and elevate your mood. It is designed to make you feel better about yourself!

How It Works

The wellness experience

Move Into Wellness is approximately a 90 minute training best suited for virtual staff conferences, workshops or meetings. 

Decide the outcome you want

You want your staff to be healthy and well. You understand the value it brings to your company. Decide what is the overall outcome you want to achieve with your staff?

Choose Your "Dance" Package

Decide what experience you want to create for your staff by choosing the packages below that will meet your outcome.
The ascenDANCE Package
90 minute Move Into Wellness experience
Move Into Wellness Daily Guidebooks
More Details
Kick start your staffs’ wellness with the acenDANCE package! This is your basic 90 minute fun interactive wellness experience of dancing and mindful tools that will guarantee to boost your energy and make you feel better about yourself.
Add in Jen’s Move Into Daily Wellness guidebook for each of your staff members to further along their wellness journey. The book is broken down into 4 weeks of wellness: mental/emotional, physical, relational and occupational.
The guiDANCE Package
90 minute Move Into Wellness Experience
 Move Into Daily Wellness Guidebooks
4 additional 60 minute monthly trainings:
• Mental Wellness
• Physical Wellness
• Relational Wellness
• Occupational Wellness
More Details
The guiDANCE package provides 4 additonal trainings of each wellness component that goes along with the guidebook. Participants will take a deeper look on how to manage their mental, physical, relational and occupationl health with Jen’s fun trainings. And yes! Dancing will still be part of it!
The abunDANCE Package
Move Into Wellness 90 minute experience
4 additional 90 minute monthly trainings:
• Mental Wellness
• Physical Wellness
• Relational Wellness
• Occupational Wellness
4 months of group coaching for your team
More Details
Take your team to the next level with the abunDANCE package! In additional to the trainings and guidebooks, you will receive ongoing group coaching for your staff -whether it’s for management or the whole team, that will improve the morale in the workplace.
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